USA 4 – 2 New Zealand

Today was my last chance to savour the Olympic atmosphere in Newcastle so I set off armed with my camera looking for a bit more passion – I wasn’t expecting as much as the men’s Brazil v New Zealand game as my last experience of women’s football was a bit flat to say the least but I was surprised to find quite a buzz again today.

I didn’t have that long to spend today so I didn’t hang about getting started and Mike was first up …

Ashley & Michael by haggisandchips
Mike, a photo by haggisandchips on Flickr.

… an amenable enough chap but he wasn’t exactly oozing confidence about the game and I think if his brain had won the argument he would have predicted a win for the USA but ultimately his heart took over and he went for a somewhat hopeful 1-0 to New Zealand. Sorry Mike 😉 … no can do!

Now compare and contrast smiles with Ashley and Michael …

Ashley & Michael by haggisandchips
Ashley & Michael, a photo by haggisandchips on Flickr.

… a truly lovely couple that endured three photographers asking them to pose for them all in the space of about 100 yards and yet still the smiles were genuine and there for all to see ;). Ashley and Michael were in no doubt what the result was going to be – 4-1 to the USA … well sorry, again no can do, but I don’t think they’ll care – 2-0 saw them safely through to the semi-finals.

And finally, I simply can’t resist pointing out again that I effectively photographed Mike Ashley today – the irony of this as Mike, Ashley and Michael all marched into St James’ Park today will keep me smiling for ages to come ;).

For those that don’t understand the Mike Ashley connection – Mike Ashley is the current owner of Newcastle United and recently decided that the historic St James’ Park should be renamed after his tacky sports clothing outlet – as an Olympic venue though it is back to St James’ Park as the deal was struck whilst that was still its official name and moreover Mike Ashley’s company is not an Olympic sponsor and therefore the name would be against IOC rules (as I understand it). Some of my thoughts are expressed in this post


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Ivor is a keen amateur photographer. Having completed a project called 100 Strangers, Ivor now finds himself spending much of his time approaching people going about their daily lives to photograph them and find out a little about what makes them tick.
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