WHY “99% Digital“?

During May 2011 I started a project called 100 Strangers – the idea is simple … approach 100 strangers, get permission to take their photograph and learn something about them. Sounds easy! Except it isn’t always easy, it takes a surprising amount of courage to approach a random person, stop them in the middle of the street and start talking to them for no apparent reason … until you pop one of the strangest requests they will ever have received that is! Nonetheless, over the course of one year I photographed 100 strangers – 99 with a digital camera and 1 with an old Agfa Isolette II film camera – that didn’t work out so well and ultimately I used the digital photo for my project, but I loved the concept of shooting with an antique camera every once in a while and so “99% Digital” was born!


I have had a passing interest in photography all my life and the Agfa Isolette II that represents the 1% ​of my 100 Strangers project also represents my first foray into photography although it was several decades until I owned this camera rather than just having a loan of it. Today this camera is my “basic understanding” check – if I can take a well exposed shot with the Agfa then I understand photography, if I can’t, then I don’t!​

Most of all though – I enjoy trying.



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